Temple Gods

Here you can find a brief overview of my temple gods. In the future, I plan to add in links to history pages, epithets, offering lists, and more personal experiences with each of Them.

Sobek Shedety

The primary god worshipped in the temple of Sobekemiti is Sobek Shedety, a form of Sobek found in the Faiyum region. He is a form of Heru-sa-Aset. The Faiyum mythos also connects Sobek to Ra and Wesir, and I have experienced Him like that. He is kind, gentle, patience, and gives very good hugs.

He likes green things, and shiny things, as well as chicken, fish, myrrh incense, florals and flowers, alcoholic spirits, and any and all creative work.

A collection of Sobek's epithets can be found here: Sobek's epithets.


Hekate has been with me for many years, and was introduced to me by Sobek. I often experience Her connected to Aset-Renenutet, who was Sobek's consort in the Faiyum. I headcanon this as Hekate's Egyptian form, but this is not a historical attestation, just the way She manifests for me.

Some traditional offerings for Her are garlic, onions, cheese, milk, honey, bread, and wine. I also like to offer Her rose water, rum, incense, and perfume oils.


My Heru has always been difficult to reach, simply because of how squished He is with Sobek. What I do know of Him is that He's usually always a falcon for me, except that one time when He came to me as Heru-pa-khered, Heru the child, who was climbing up a tree desperate to reach His Father, Wesir, because He missed Him so much. ;_;

He has quite bright colours for me, reds, whites, yellows, black, brown. Falcons are my go-to symbol for Him.


Aset was the first deity I ever prayed to, and who answered me back. She's a mother goddess, a goddess of magic, a goddess of healing and love and protection. She is so special to me. I adore Her so much. She is protective and strong and caring. I love Her so much.

Her colours are deep blue, gold, and white. I offer Her incense, especially frankincense and florals, as well as chocolate and perfume and anything that feels luxurious, self-care things especially.


Djehuty, my beloved. <3 I don't work with Him as much as I used to, but He's so curious and interested in what I'm doing when we do work together. He's a lovely god to work with, and I miss Him when I don't get to hang out with Him.

I've offered Him books, pens, writing things, stories that I've written, anything creative. Tea, chocolate, coffee, are also good. I also feel like He'd like a good cookie. Spicy things, like chai, also seem to resonate.


Wepwawet I know the least, as I've not really been able to connect well with Him. Nevertheless, He is my fourth Beloved, and He's here for a reason. Maybe one day I will work out why.