Temple Gods

Sobek Shedety

The primary god worshipped in the temple of Sobekemit is Sobek Shedety, a form of Sobek found in the Faiyum region. He is a form of Heru-sa-Aset. The Faiyum mythos also connects Sobek to Ra and Wesir, and I have experienced him like that. He is kind, gentle, patience, and gives very good hugs.


Hekate has been with me for many years, and was introduced to me by Sobek. I often experience Her connected to Aset-Renenutet, who was Sobek's consort in the Faiyum. I headcanon this as Hekate's Egyptian form, but this is not a historical attestation, just the way She manifests for me.


My Heru is very difficult for me to reach as He's just so intertwined with Sobek. But the little I do know of Him, He's kind, and strong, and I often see Him as a falcon. We fly together through the sky.


The first deity I ever prayed to, and who answered me back. She is so special to me. I adore Her so much. She is protective and strong and caring. I love Her so much.


Djehuty, my beloved. <3 I don't work with Him as much as I used to, but He's so curious and interested in what I'm doing when we do work together. He's a lovely god to work with, and I miss Him when I don't get to hang out with Him.


Wepwawet I know the least, as I've not really been able to connect well with Him. Nevertheless, He is my fourth Beloved, and He's here for a reason. Maybe one day I will work that out.