Rituals and Heka

The purpose of this page is to list down my current set of rituals and any heka I want to share here. I don't want to replicate what I already have on the old wordpress site, so feel free to browse there if there's something you're particularly interested in.

My practice these days is Kemetic Orthodoxy and Hekatean witchcraft. I have a focus on the planetary days that helps me keep track of time and aligns myself with their various energies. At the moment, I'm doing two sets of devotions, morning and evening. I adhere to the Hellenic custom of seeing the day start at sunset and end at the next sunset, and this has proved to be a good way for me to organise my days. 

Morning Rituals

In the morning, I anoint and ask for blessings from the planetary ruler of the day. I keep these by my bed on a small shrine with Sobek and Hekate present. I burn incense and light some LED candles.

I then recite the Orphic hymn for the planet of the day, followed by a hymn to Sobek, and then the Orphic hymn to Hekate.

Then I proceed with 5+ minutes of meditation.

That's my daily routine and it's quite calming for me. It's not involved, it doesn't require formal ritual. It's simple enough to do when I'm half-awake and requires very little in terms of materials.

Evening Rituals

In the evening, usually around 9-10pm, I hold my evening rituals.

This consists of either Senut, or my simple Kemetic daily devotions rite which I'll outline below. Either rite usually involves at least a short meditation, but this is where I usually do the bulk of my meditation work.

This is then followed by work with Hekate, where I do some magical work or training, and pull a card for the day. I then use that card as a journalling prompt which I post on tumblr.

It's simple, and it works, and it allows me to honour both Sobek and Hekate at the same time, but in Their own way, without feeling like I'm compromising myself.


Simple Kemetic Daily Devotions

I use this rite during times when I can't do formal Senut due to purity issues, low energy, being away from home, travelling, etc. You don't need much to perform this rite, and you can always customise it to suit your gods and your own rites and style. This can be done on any established shrine (if your gods permit it), or at any temporary or informal shrine space. Adapt it to your needs.

You will need the following:

You can add prayer beads, images of Netjer, shrine cloths, whatever you like, and choose an oil and incense that works for you. I usually stick to frankincense and myrrh, but sometimes I offer rose or lotus, depending on my mood.

The Rite

0. Approach the shrine and offer henu

1. Anoint yourself with your oil/perfume and say:
Bathe me in your scent, O Gods

2. Light candles/light source and say:
Come and receive the light, O Gods, and purify me.

3. Light incense and say:
May the scent of the Gods purify and bless me.

4. Offer libations to Netjer and the Akhu. These are simple water libations, but you can make additional offerings if you like. Lift the offering bowls one at a time and say:
It is pure. This libation is for you, O Gods. May you be cooled.

It is pure. This libation is for you, O Akhu. May you be cooled.

4. Offer henu

5. Spend time in private prayer or meditation if you so desire.

6. Finish the rite by saying:
Hail to you, O Gods, I am purified,
and have made these rituals with you.
May you look favourably upon me
and be at peace with me.

7. Extinguish candles, offer henu, and remove the foot to end the rite.