Rituals and Heka

The purpose of this page is to list down my current set of rituals and any heka I want to share here. I don't want to replicate what I already have on the old wordpress site, so feel free to browse there if there's something you're particularly interested in that you can't find here. The only exceptions to this are the all-purpose general Kemetic rites

My Daily Rituals

My practice these days is Kemetic Orthodoxy and witchcraft. I have a focus on the planetary days that helps me keep track of time and aligns myself with their various energies. My morning devotions comprises of ritual devotions as a container for my meditation practice. I also invoke the planetary ruler of the day, as well as read hymns to Sobek and Aset-Hekate, before my morning meditation. The specific ritual I do in the morning changes depending on my time, mood, and energy, but the simple devotions below are my base for when I have little time and still want to do ritual.

Part of my ongoing work is to develop some of the monthly Kemetic rites, especially household and lunar rites, that I made a long time ago, but was never entirely happy with. This includes Sixth Day rites, full and new moon rites, and end of the month rites amongst others I might decide to do. These will be posted here when I finish them.

A List Of Rituals

The Morning Temple Rite to Djehuty
This was created at Djehuty's behest to give me a more formal ritual to do in the mornings. It is an adaptation of my old morning temple rites but without the sections requiring a naos/shrine cabinet. I find it wonderfully calming when I need some more structure in my practice.

The Morning Temple Rite for Any God
This is an adapted version of the Djehuty rite above that can be used for any God. The current form is for Netjer in an abstract form, and can be performed that way if you don't wish to focus on a specific Name, but the hymn and other aspects of the rite can be changed as desired.

Simple Kemetic Daily Devotions

I use this rite during times when I can't do formal Senut due to purity issues, low energy, being away from home, travelling, etc. You don't need much to perform this rite, and you can always customise it to suit your gods and your own rites and style. This can be done on any established shrine (if your gods permit it), or at any temporary or informal shrine space. Adapt it to your needs.

You will need the following:

You can add prayer beads, images of Netjer, shrine cloths, whatever you like, and choose an oil and incense that works for you. I usually stick to frankincense and myrrh, but sometimes I offer rose or lotus, depending on my mood.

The Rite

0. Approach the shrine and offer henu

1. Anoint yourself with your oil/perfume and say:
Bathe me in your scent, O Gods

2. Light candles/light source and say:
Come and receive the light, O Gods, and purify me.

3. Light incense and say:
May the scent of the Gods purify and bless me.

4. Offer libations to Netjer and the Akhu. These are simple water libations, but you can make additional offerings if you like. Lift the offering bowls one at a time and say:
It is pure. This libation is for you, O Gods. May you be cooled.

It is pure. This libation is for you, O Akhu. May you be cooled.

4. Offer henu

5. Spend time in private prayer or meditation if you so desire.

6. Finish the rite by saying:
Hail to you, O Gods, I am purified,
and have made these rituals with you.
May you look favourably upon me
and be at peace with me.

7. Extinguish candles, offer henu, and remove the foot to end the rite.