About Per Sebek

Per Sebek is a website dedicated to Sobek that I have run in one form or another since 2004, when it was an angelfire site that was ... far more ugly than this one to be honest. It was all hand-coded and it was my first attempt at gathering together all the information on Sobek that I could find on the internet in 2004 because no one else was doing it, and I figured I was the only one who was going to bother, so other Sobek devotees didn't have to search all over the place like I did.

In around 2009, Per Sebek became a wordpress blog, and I documented a lot of the past decade or so over there, along with countless rites, hymns, and prayers. It's a big place, and it still exists as an archive of my devotion and my writings.

And now, Per Sebek returns to the hand-coded website again. I needed a change, and I knew I didn't want to just do another blog. So I have spent many hours and days and weeks and months trying to work out how to make Per Sebek anew. And I think this is the right direction. A more static page, with what I'd argue may be the 'best bits' of what's on the old wordpress site, along with some new material. I wanted to simplify this place and really give myself a chance to focus on what exactly I want to share here. I will be including some historical materials, but those will come later as rewriting and writing from scratch what I want to share about Sobek will take some time.

For now, I'm getting some basic structures in place, and hope to keep this place growing in its own way.

About Sobekemiti

I am a Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu, currently living in Australia, and I was divined back in 2006 as a child of Sobek, and a beloved of Heru-sa-Aset, Aset, Djehuty, and Wepwawet. I left the House in 2010 for various personal reasons, but I returned a few years ago, feeling the pull of community again. I resumed my work as a Shemsu and there I will likely stay. Sobek has other plans for me. I am also a Sau apprentice.

I am also a Hekatean witch. Hekate claimed me back in 2012, and has been with me ever since. She has become so entwined into my life, especially with some of my work with Sobek, that I cannot just keep Her out of things. She's just as important, even if Sobek will always have priority.