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Welcome to Per Sebek! This is currently a work in progress as I move Per Sebek away from WordPress and onto a simpler site. I have a few reasons for wanting to do this. Partly it's hosting costs, partly it's not really wanting to maintain a religous blog either. I think I will keep the custom domain though. While in some ways Per Sebek doesn't really encompass the vastness of my practice anymore, it's still mine, and it just feels like the right name to use. My old wordpress.com site will always remain up but I want to do something different here. I've sketched out a rudimentary/draft menu above, but it's definitely not set in stone right now. I have a ton of material to use and I don't know how much of it might find its way here. I don't really want to end up repeating the work of my old WordPress site, and instead do something new.'

I also want to find a better way to integrate my Hekate stuff with my Kemetic stuff, bc this is the whole of me and I'm tired of trying to keep them separate when that's just not how they are for me. My practice is integrated and messy and it's neither Kemetic nor Hellenic neither both nor neither; it is just Sobek and Hekate and my other gods, and the magical and religious work I'm being called to do. I want to bring all of that together in the one place. I don't really know where this is going or how this is going to take shape. I just know this is where I want to take this, and strip things down to the basics. Let Per Sebek on wordpress be a legacy for me, and not try to repeat the same thing but in a different format. I want to do something different.

Either way, this is just a placeholder rn. I'm all done with uni and now I have the time I need to properly focus on this website and make it so much better than the one languising on the old site. I will miss the ease of wordpress, but tbh, I just don't have anything I care to blog about anymore. Too much of my work is private between me and the gods. I just don't have a great need to share anymore. What the ultimate shape of this new iteration of Per Sebek looks like, I am not sure yet. But I'm taking it back to its roots, just on neocities rather than angelfire. Per Sebek started this way, and I think it's time it returned to its home.

If you want to contact me for any reason, you can find me on dreamwidth, or on tumblr.. My email is listed below.